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Agreement between user and Fjord en Kayak

The user has access to the website of Fjord en Kayak based on the general conditions established in the present document. The usage of this site implies the approbation of these conditions, which are subject to change without warning.

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Illegal or Forbidden Usage

It is implied that the user will not use Fjord en Kayak website in any illegal ways that would breach the current user conditions presented in this present document. The website may not be used with the purposes of damaging, deactivating, or hide the navigation from other users. The user cannot attempt to access the informative system of Fjord en Kayak, including a host server of Fjord en Kayak’s website, unless authorized to do so. This includes any hacking, password searching, and any other fraudulent practices. They must not obtain or try to get material or information that Fjord en Kayak wishes to keep away from their private site.