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An excellent ecotourism reputation in Quebec and in Canada

With its many years of experience, Fjord en Kayak has built its excellent reputation in the ecotourism field in Quebec and Canada through its high quality service to its clients.

Comments of the Jury at the Grands Prix du Tourisme, Winner of the Gold Award in the ecotourism category in 2010:

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March 23, 2015 (blog)

Paddle on the fjord of the Saguenay river with Fjord en Kayak.

The Saguenay River fjord is the perfect place to get a taste for kayaking. Fjord en Kayak can introduce you to kayaking with a three-hour trip; the launch is at the picturesque village of L’Anse-Saint-Jean located at the eastern end of the Saguenay River. You’ll paddle around Islet Saint-Jean, a spotted sandpiper nesting area, before heading into the fjord itself. Here, the water rests between high rock walls, carved during the last ice age and topped with pine trees. The three-hour trip may not be enough, but fortunately there are also day trips as well as multi-day expeditions.

As a sea kayaking destination, the Saguenay Fjord in Quebec is as eventful as the Arctic and as culturally rich as Newfoundland.

July-August 2011

In five days (about 20 kilometers per day), you will see the most beautiful areas with Fjord en Kayak paddling from Baie-Éternité to Tadoussac. The trip starts off with the 500 foot cliffs of Cap Trinité. Observe the seals at the foot of Capes Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité and enjoy stops in the picturesque villages along the fjord. The highlight of the experience remains the observation of belugas that sometimes stay in the Baie Ste-Marguerite. The nights are spent in rustic camping and in a refuge nestled in the cliff.

“Paddling silently through the deep, majestic gorges of the fjord, the domain of seals, beluga whales, cormorants and a multitude of species, gives me a unique intimacy with the water…”

p. 26 to 32. Journalist Isabelle Giasson:

“At each cove, at each bay, Louis has an anecdote to tell us about the fauna, the geology, the history, the people of this corner of the country that he has adopted. “

” … On the menu: deer steaks topped with cranberry sauce. A treat that goes well with all the meals on our tour: smoked oysters, Greek salad or lentil salad, omelette with fine herbs, local cheeses and a variety of small sweets such as muffins and pies from the renowned Louise, pastry chef from L’Anse-Saint-Jean “

“Fjord en Kayak is the largest provider of long distance excursions in Quebec. “

All those who have experienced it will tell you: it is in a sea kayak that one fully savors the splendors of the Saguenay Fjord.

Hébert, Claudine, DESTINATION KAYAK, Affaire Plus Magazine, July 2008, P. 49

From the very first strokes of the paddles, as you leave L’Anse-Saint-Jean, the charm takes effect and becomes more pronounced as you approach the titanic capes formed by the high tides and the ice age. Plateaus, steep mountains and 400-meter cliffs make up this uniquely scenic rift.

All summer long, the Fjord en Kayak organization offers half-day to 5-day excursions.

The philosophy of Fjord en Kayak can be summarized in one word: QUALITY.

SEA KAYAK IN QUEBEC, Ulysse Guide 2007, p. 289.

Then it comes down to a few basic notions; safety, gastronomy, training, competence, supervision and of course, fun.

In 1995, a young couple of idealists started, an outdoor business, Fjord en Kayak, which would become a reference in Quebec in the world of sea kayaking and ecotourism.

Ouellet, Yves, LE KAYAK DE MER AU QUÉBEC, Éditions de l’homme, 2005, p. 290.

Since then, the company has won the most important recognition in the Quebec tourism industry, a national gold award at the Grands Prix du Tourisme du Québec in 2002.

How do we achieve this result? The answer can be found in one word: “QUALITY! “A standard that is articulated in a sequence of small details related to personalized attention, elaborate cuisine, the renewal of the plastic fleet for fiberglass. “I want for our customers, what I value for myself, “says Sylvie Major, co-owner, categorically.


A 3-hour excursion on the fjord that my son and I discovered in a whole new way: awesome! We were able to observe a family of seals at a reasonable distance so as not to disturb them.

Very good equipment including clothing, camera and water bottle covers.

All enhanced with historical, geological and biological comments: thanks to Jonathan for an unforgettable time.

An appointment not to be missed if you are passing through L’Anse, whether it’s for a 3-hour day trip or a 3-day expedition! (I had the chance to do both!) The welcome is always smiling and available, the owners are charming and professional, always concerned about the service offered, despite their almost 20 years of business and experience.

Safety is paramount for this company. The guides are really qualified and this is extremely appreciable, whether in calm water or a little more lively. The “plus” is that the interpretation of the environment or even the kayak is an integral part of the outing. Exchanges with the guides are always possible. On the “expedition” outings, in addition to a real adventure, it is a gourmet table that awaits us at each meal.

In conclusion, a unique and magnificent experience, excellent value for money and above all an incredible shared memory. Jump in and enjoy this sumptuous fjord!

I would like to thank the entire Fjord en Kayak Team for the excellent service deployed during our kayaking expedition. The landscapes, equipment, the food, everything met and went above our expectations!

I especially want to congratulate our guide Antoine who showed great professionalism with his attention to detail, his attention to us and his boundless dedication. He is an important asset to help Fjord en Kayak achieve high standards of quality. Despite his young age, he has demonstrated a great talent that could make other more experienced guides jealous. You are the best and we are delighted to have traveled with you.

An exceptional experience! We opted for the two hour family kayak trip with our 8 and 3 year olds. The equipment provided was of very good quality and our wonderful instructor, Antoine, was able to teach us in English about the fjord and local legends. This was our first sea kayaking experience and it was, without a doubt, memorable.

On the way to the estuary in the Saguenay Fjord, fantastic scenery, great campsites, first-class equipment and guides.

We were a group of 6, average age 58, pretty fit. Four of us had no sea kayaking experience and we had a great experience on our trip. All equipment including tents, rain gear and booties were in perfect condition. Our guide was knowledgeable, patient and a good cook. The emphasis was on safety and we all felt confident on the waters of the Fjord. The hut we stayed in the first night had a spectacular view of St. Margaret’s Bay, one of the most important feeding grounds for beluga whales. The beds were clean and comfortable. The campsite where we slept the second night (Pointe à Passe Pierre) also offered beautiful scenery and the platforms for setting up the tents were well spaced. The return trip by boat from Baie Ste-Catherine to L’Anse St Jean made us made us revisit our trip in a quicker perspective. We highly recommend this company and this 3 day trip.