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An excellent reputation within the ecotourist industry in Quebec and in Canada

Fjord en Kayak has built a solid reputation in the ecotourist environment in Quebec and Canada based on its high-end service with the clientele. honneur2


  • Fjord en Kayak has built a solid reputation on personalized service, warm welcome, guest safety while on adventure, gastronomical quality of food, and guest care and follow-up.
  • Fjord en Kayak is the only kayaking firm that provides guests with the flexibility to set their own departure dates, with special attention given to families with children 3 to 14 years of age.
  • Safety and guide training are two of Fjord en Kayak’s trademarks.
  • All members of the jury were really taken with the quality of Fjord en Kayak’s presentation in the award process.

Press articles

Here’s our pick of the best adventures Canada’s rivers and waterways have to offer.
Paddling the Saguenay River Fjord with Fjord en Kayak 
The Saguenay River Fjord is the ideal place to get a taste for kayaking. Fjord en Kayak can get you started with a three-hour tour from the picturesque village of L’Anse-Saint-Jean at the eastern end of the Saguenay River. You’ll paddle around l’îlet Saint-Jean, nesting ground of the spotted sandpiper, before heading through the fjord itself. Here waters sit between high rocky walls carved in the last ice age and topped with pine trees. Three hours may well not be enough, fortunately there’s also a full-day tour and several multi-day expeditions to pick from.
As a sea-kayak destination Quebec's Saguenay Fjord is rugged like the Artic, but culturally rich like Newfoundland. In five days (about 20 kilometers per day), you'll see the best of it paddling from Baie-Éternité to Tadoussac with Fjord en Kayak. The tour kicks off with 500-foot sea cliffs at Cap Trinité on day one. Watch for seals below capes Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité and enjoy stops in the quaint fjord-side villages. The highlight, though, is spotting the resident snow-white belugas near Baie Ste-Marguerite. Nights are spent camping and in a cliffside cottage.
No.1 Outdoors Magazine in Quebec.

Paddling silently through the deep gorges and majestic fjord area of seals, natural habitat of beluga whales, cormorants and a variety of species, gives me a unique and intimate contact with the water...

At each cove, each bay, Louis would recant anecdotes about wildlife, geology, history, and peoples of this land he adopted. Dinner, on the menu: deer steaks topped with blueberry sauce. Culinary delights complimentary to all the meals of our trip: smoked oysters, Greek salad or lentil salad, omelets with herbs, regional cheeses and a variety of sweets such as muffins and pies from the renowned Louise, acclaimed pastry chef of l'Anse Saint-Jean.

To make the adventure even more enjoyable, Louis spends time with all the members of the group to help improve their technique and chat a little. He’s been this route before and has seen all sorts, being the most experienced guide on the fjord. When the wind comes up or when the waves are more intense, he whistles a gentle tune to calm the client most nervous.

Our last day on the water is filled with exchange of memorable tales! After coming across a few seals, we are suddenly surrounded by a school of beluga whales that caught up to us in three consecutive waves. They surround us in droves; composed of young pearl grays and bright white adults with their characteristic "smile", thrilling us up close. Fjord by Kayak is the largest provider of long distance sea kayak trips in Quebec.

Fjord en Kayak's philosophy may be summarized in one word: QUALITY. Then it encompasses basic notions such as safety, gastronomy, training, high skills and, of course, fun.
Back in 1995, a young, idealistic couple started an outdoor activity business called Fjord en Kayak which would eventually become a reference in Quebec in the area of sea kayaking and ecotourism.


“3 hour trip on the fjord”
We joined a group of about 8 people to experience the fjord low on the water after a rather boring boat cruise to Tadoussac. This was well worth it , we had a great guide Sam who showed us the ropes to dress, embark and paddle double Kayaks up the Fjord. As we had great warm weather with a southern wind, Sam took us to some of his favorite places. Although we encountered some currents and at times, sizable waves, we felt safe. Seeing the fjord from a kayak is much more impressive and enjoyable than the boat and this an experience that anyone can have safely and will remember
Family tour
We booked a trip just because the kids wanted to go on the water. Service was excellent. The majority had no kayak experience. We were provided with top quality equipment in a pristine condition. We were coached before going into the water. We felt safe at all times. The journey was most enjoyable, with stops at regular intervals to admire the scenery and hear a bit about the fjord, its geography, history, etc. And, since we forgot our camera, our guide used his own to make unforgettable pictures. Overall a great experience. Highly recommended for all groups and all ages!!!! Merci Louis!!
“Fjord = Fantastic Trip”

I cannot provide high enough praise for this establishment. They pride themselves on safety and professionalism and you can tell as you enjoy every aspect of your experience.

Our three day two night trip was exactly as described- we saw harbour seals on day one, then lay under an amazing night sky with no light pollution to enjoy shooting stars. The next morning we enjoyed watching a pod of 20 Belugas feeding and then we had the opportunity to see them swim past our camp at dinner. It was so quite we could hear them call to each other! On the last morning we had a Minke whale swim 25 feet from us and we enjoyed watching it for 20 minutes as we let the current float us away so as to no disturb it.

What was not described was the wonderful personable guide we would get (Antoine) and his amazing cooking, it was like eating gourmet every day. If you are looking for a trip that will leave you with lasting memories, don't hesitate to give Sylvie or Louis a call, we sure are that we did.