In the picturesque village of L'Anse-Saint-Jean surrounded by the Saguenay fjord.

A nice and easy bicycle path follows the St-Jean River in the village. This 10 km trail brings you to discover the hidden face of the valley's surrounding nature.

$15.00, 2 hours ( taxes of 15% not included)
$20.00, 3 hours (taxes of 15% not included)
$25.00, all day (taxes of 15$ not included)

* helmet included
* two bikes for children (from 8 years old)

Recreational kayak rental within the limits of the bay !

During those warm and kind summer days, it is time to enjoy a smooth kayak ride in L’Anse-Saint-Jean. The Saguenay provides a nice and easy bay where one can relax. It is possible to rent a sit-on-top kayak for a short tour and enjoy the magnificent Fjord.

75 minutes tour maximum : $20.00 (18 years old and less)
$25.00 (adults. Taxes not included)