• Covid-19 Intervention plan

The Covid-19 pandemic is a historic event that requires some methods of welcoming different than we are used to do for over 20 years. In order to welcome you again and offer you a safe environment, we have built, in collaboration with our employees and our partners, an intervention plan putting together a series of measures aimed at preventing and controlling the risks of Covid infection. These measures comply with Public Health and will be rigorously applied by the company.

Cancellation policy:

Fjord en Kayak has relaxed its cancellation policy.

Excursion of 1 day or less: 100% of the amount is required at the time of booking. If due to Covid-19 it is impossible for you or for us to maintain the activity, this will result in a full refund of the activity.

Excursions from 1 to 4 days: 50% of the amount of the trip will be required at the time of booking. The rest of the amount will be required on the day of departure. If due to Covid-19 it is impossible for you or for us to maintain the activity, this will result in a full refund of the activity.

What you need to know:

  • Important measures have been put in place to protect the health and safety of our visiters. They are rigorously applied by the company.

  • Do not show up if you experience any of the following symptoms: cough, fever, difficulty breathing OR if you have been in contact with an infected person in the past 14 days.

    The following questions may be asked when you arrive on our site:

  •  - Do you have symptoms of COVID-19?
     - Have you been in contact with an infected person?
     - Have you traveled outside the country in the past 14 days
  • If you answer yes to any of the questions, you may be denied access.

  • You must comply with the measures in place at all times and in the event of non-compliance, employees can intervene.

    During this exceptional period, all our excursions and expeditions will be by tandem kayak. Only people living under the same roof will share the tandems. In the case of an odd group or a single person, the use of a solo kayak will be considered.

  • The following services and common areas are closed or access limited:

     - Bike rental
     - Lake kayak rental
     - Picnic area
     - Bathroom
     - Loan of bottled water
     - Loan of waterproof bag for your electronic devices
  • To maximize a contactless approach, if you have your personal nautical equipment, we recommend that you bring it (if you don't, we still provide all the equipment). So, on your next visit with us, you can bring:

     - Personal flotation device, approved by the Canadian Coast Guard, being manufactured after 2010 and fitted with a whistle without ball
     - Isothermal clothing
     - Neoprene shoe or closed shoe that can go in water
     - Kayak paddle
     - Waterproof case or bag for your electronic devices
     - Water bottle of at least 500 ml.
  • Detailed procedures have been put in place in the event that a client has symptoms of COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly!


Choose your own departure date by reserving early! 5persons* minimum to garanty a new departure!

Before booking, please contact us so we can confirm the availability of your departure.

  • Possible departures : (other dates might be available, please contact us)
  • - August:  4 (Full)

* If the minimum is not reached and you want to do the excusion anyway, a supplement will be applied. This adjustment is due to the special situation created by COVID-19

Consult the Saguenay map.

Day 1: Meeting at L’Anse-Saint-Jean( 8:00am), we make our way by bus to Baie Éternité to take in one of the most magnificient views of the Fjord, overlooking the majestic Capes Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité. A safety training and briefing session will follow. We head out on the water around 10 :30 A.M. We stay overnight at l’Anse du Portage.

Day 2 : We explore another renowned scenery of the Saguenay, the mysterious Saint-Louis and Saint-Barthelemy islands. Passage in front of Petite Ile where there's a cave that was once home to the Natives. Our place for the night is the Baie Sainte-Marguerite cottage, a meditative spot with beautiful beaches and a delta that offers a unique view of the fjord.

Day 3 : Baie Sainte-Marguerite is the favorite gathering place of the belugas. We will respect their privacy by staying away from them. Before going to bed, we’ll take some time to gaze at the sunset from Pointe à Passe-Pierre.

Day 4 : What greater magic than the place where the Fjord meets the St-Lawrence estuary ? This is an unforgettable moment, with the two waters intermingling and the lapping waves rocking our kayaks. We are hoping to meet some minke whales. We relax and have fun in Tadoussac and Baie-Sainte-Catherine, returning to L’Anse-Saint-Jean by boat.

$1 215.00 (Taxes of 15% and tip not included)

  • training upon departure
  • various information on the fjord
  • top-quality equipment (fiberglass kayak & paddles)
  • the guide has a level 2 or 3 certification with FQCK (Canot Kayak Quebec Federation), is first aid certified, has completed a degree in adventure tourism, has at least three summers experience on the fjord plus 90 hours of in-house training. He (she) carries a marine radio and is in contact with the Coast Guard and Fjord en Kayak base.
  • ten meals (dinners : deer and duck). Please mention if any allergies. 
  • paddle jacket and neoprene suit, water shoes, hat, poogies (to keep your hands warm)
  • two dry bags of 20 and 30 liters per person plus one bag of 5 liters for the camera (waterproof guitar bag available)
  • tent & mattress
  • two overnight stays on a camp site and one overnight stay in a cottage of the park
  • the Saguenay Provincial Park permit
  • return by boat to L'Anse-Saint-Jean
  • sleeping bag (rent one for 10$)
  • shorts, t-shirt
  • waterproof wind jacket
  • warm sweater (no cotton)
  • pants
  • sun glasses with a rope !
  • sport hat for the day (June & Sept.: warm hat)
  • Sun screan lotion
  • insect repellent (mostly for June & beginning of July : try to avoid black/dark color)
  • flashlight
  • 2 water bottles (there is a water source on camp sites)
  • toilet paper in a plastic bag
  • personal prescriptions
  • hiking shoes and some reading
  • Bring your wine !

**You must bring your reusable water bottle. Fjord en Kayak does not supply plastic bottles to preserve our environment**

  • this trip is classified intermediary to advanced
  • group size : 8 persons MAXIMUM. ( possibility until 36 persons for groups)
  • minimum age : 17 years old. Maximum age: 70 years old
  • distance paddled : between 18 to 25 km/day (depends on the level of the group and the meteo condition)
  • July-August, water temperature at L'Anse-St-Jean is between 15 and 20 Celsius. As we approach the estuary of the St-Lawrence, the temperature of the water reaches 4 celsius
  • solo kayak experience on the sea gives the choice between a single or a double kayak
  • for safety reasons, at least one double kayak per group

**Due to COVID-19, all excursions will be made in tandem, unless you are alone or your group is composed of an odd number of people.**