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Fjord en Kayak has built a solid reputation on personalized service, warm welcome, guest safety while on adventure, gastronomical quality of food, and guest care and follow-up.

Fjord en Kayak is the only kayaking firm that provides guests with the flexibility to set their own departure dates, with special attention given to families with children 3 to 14 years of age.

Safety and guide training are two of Fjord en Kayak’s trademarks.

All members of the jury were really taken with the quality of Fjord en Kayak’s presentation in the award process.


Trip advisor 2012:

Amazing 3 hours kayaking on the Fjord du Saguenay. Our guide, Jean-Daniel, was a fantastic story teller and kayakist. We were only a "two person" group but he took great care of us and taught us how to do some kayak surfing on and in the waves on the Fjord near Anse de Tabatière, after making sure it was safe. Our guide was talented, skilled and experienced and the gear was in excellent condition! Never had I had better equipment in location to do some sea kayak. Their Boreal Design glass fiber kayaks are above anything you'd rent somewhere else and the view of and on the Fjord du Saguenay in this area is unreal. A must see and must do activity. Would love to go on a 3 days trip with this company. The staff (guides) and owners are really in an other category as of customer service, quality and knowledge! No surprise they got the Gold mention in the national tourism awards...twice!

“If your going kayaking on a Fjord in Quebec you should go with Fjord en Kayak!” - Trip advisor, June 2012

We we are group of 3 girls (average age of 26) and we went on a 3-day kayak/camping excursion. The equipment provided was in excellent condition. Our guide was very knowledgable, kind, patient and an excellent cook. Our guide took good care of us the entire trip, giving a pep-talk when needed and doing all of the cooking and cleaning for the meals. I have never been as spoiled camping as I have on this trip, the food was amazing and our guide to great pride in his job and it showed. Three days of kayaking was a challenger but very satisfying and the Fjord is breath-taking. I would recommend this trip (with Fjord en Kayak) to anyone looking for a fun outdoor adventure without the stress of planning every last detail.

3 day kayak tour in the Saguenay Fjord,fantastic scenery, great campsites, superb guiding and equipment. (19 August 2011)

We were a group of 6, average age 58, relatively fit, 4 with no sea kayaking experience and we had a great time on our expedition. The equipment including tents, kayaks ,rain gear , booties were all in excellent condition. Our guide was knowledgeable , patient and a good cook. Safety was emphasized, and we were all very comfortable in the waters of the Fjord.The refuge we slept the first night was spectacular with views of the major feeding grounds of the Belugas (Baie Ste Marguerite)The beds were clean and comfortable. The campground where we spend the second night (Pointe à Passe Pierre) also had spectacular views with tent platforms that were well spaced.The trip back by Zodiac from Baie Ste Catherine to L'Anse St Jean gave us a review in fast-motion of our trip. We highly recommend this company and this 3 day trip.

Amazing experience (20 August 2011)

We did the two hours family kayak tour with our 8 and 3 year old kids. We were provided with very good equipement and kayaking gear and had a wonderful instructor Antoinne who gave us lot of information about the fjords and local legends in english. It was our first sea kayaking experience and was definitely a very memorable one.

Andy, Missouri (summer 2010)

"You run a top-flight operation. Everything was incredibly well-organized. The food was great as were the accomodations at the campsites. I've been an educator for many years and have to complement you as teachers and group leaders. Both Louis and Simon had a deft touch in teaching us how to kayak and about the fjord. They added greatly to the experience as guides and mentors, but also as great companions. Even when we did something wrong I noticed your advice was delivered positively and with encouragement. I think you had a great influence on the kids. Thanks for a truly memorable experience."

Michael (3 days expedition, summer 2010)

"Just wanted to express how impressed I was with both the quality of professionalism and personal service evident throughout your organization. From the web site, to the booking questions, the setting, the quality of gear, fantastic food, to the overall value... it was all top notch. 
Special thanks to Olivier. He was a terrific and very skilled and insightful kayaking and backcounty guide, leader, chef, and translator at all times. Never flustered, always patient. He constantly apprised the conditions vis a vis our collective skill levels and made sure all was appropriately challenging yet running safely and effectively. Even seemed to calm the winds when he had to. Had a great experience !"

Bruce ( 5 days expedition, summer 2010)

"Thank you for an amazing time on the Saguenay. I could never find the right words to tell you how much I enjoyed my 5 days paddling on the Saguenay.I will especially remember sitting with Olivier and the rest of the group enjoying blue cheese, chocolate and porto wine just as the moon rose over the hills of the Saguenay. It was a truly memorable moment ! And of course there was the belugas, even if they were a km or so away, I still got to see belugas. "

Bob, fifth three-day expedition on the Saguenay Fjord

I don't like the word ''PACKAGE''! As I always say, letting others plan your vacation for you can lead to unpleasant surprises. But not with Fjord en kayak's packages! Having neither the inclination nor the time to plan my vacation, I took the risk of letting someone else do it for me and… ended up being pampered… by the Fjord, by the guides, by Sylvie and by Louis.

Fjord en kayak's greatest asset is probably its guides. They are, above all else, client oriented: safety comes first, with your comfort and enjoyment not far behind. They provide you with just the right amount of technique to make the activity pleasurable, five-star gourmet meals, and impeccable service and atmosphere. Our guide never once gave us the impression that he was working; it is as if he shared his passion for the Fjord and kayaking with new friends! Louis and Sylvie see that everything is well-organized, so that all the guides have to do is to concentrate on the clients, reservations, equipment, menus, etc. Thanks to this meticulous planning, the staff members enjoy what they do, and the clients enjoy coming back!

Press articles

Explore Canada Outdoor's Magazine, July-August 2011

As a sea-kayak destination Quebec's Saguenay Fjord is rugged like the Artic, but culturally rich like Newfoundland. In five days (about 20 kilometers per day), you'll see the best of it paddling from Baie-Éternité to Tadoussac with Fjord en Kayak. The tour kicks off with 500-foot sea cliffs at Cap Trinité on day one. Watch for seals below capes Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité and enjoy stops in the quaint fjord-side villages. The highlight, though, is spotting the resident snow-white belugas near Baie Ste-Marguerite. Nights are spent camping and in a cliffside cottage.

Géo Plein Air, August 2008

"Paddling silently through the deep gorges and majestic fjord area of seals, natural habitat of beluga whales, cormorants and a variety of species, gives me a unique and intimate contact with the water..."

"At each cove, each bay, Louis would recant anecdotes about wildlife, geology, history, and peoples of this land he adopted." "... Louis prepares dinner. On the menu: venison steaks topped with blueberry sauce. Culinary delights complimentary to all the meals of our trip: smoked oysters, Greek salad or lentil salad, omelets with herbs, regional cheeses and a variety of sweets such as muffins and pies from the renowned Louise, acclaimed pastry chef of l'Anse Saint-Jean." "To make the adventure even more enjoyable, Louis spends time with all the members of the group to help improve their technique and chat a little. He’s been this route before and has seen all sorts, being the most experienced guide on the fjord. When the wind comes up or when the waves are more intense, he whistles a gentle tune to calm the client most nervous." "Our last day on the water is filled with exchange of memorable tales! After coming across a few seals, we are suddenly surrounded by a school of beluga whales that caught up to us in three consecutive waves.

They surround us in droves; composed of young pearl grays and bright white adults with their characteristic "smile", thrilling us up close. "Fjord by Kayak is the largest provider of long distance trips in Quebec."

Geo Plein-Air - No.1Outdoors Magazine in Quebec.

KAYAK DE MER AU QUÉBEC, Guide Ulysse 2007, p. 289.

Fjord en Kayak's philosophy may be summarized in one word: QUALITY. Then it encompasses basic notions such as safety, gastronomy, training, high skills and, of course, fun.

Ouellet, Yves, LE KAYAK DE MER AU QUÉBEC, Éditions de l'homme, 2005, p. 290.

Back in 1995, a young, idealistic couple started an outdoor activity business called Fjord en Kayak which would eventually become a reference in Quebec in the area of sea kayaking and ecotourism.

Hébert, Claudine, DESTINATION KAYAK, Magazine Affaire Plus, Juillet 2008, P. 49

As anybody who’s been sea kayaking will tell you, it’s the only way to fully experience all the majesty and excitement of Quebec’s legendary Saguenay fjord. From the moment you dip your paddle into the water at the L’Anse-Saint-Jean departure point, the Saguenay begins to work its magic on you. The adventure grows even more exciting as you approach the monumental natural setting at the mouth to the fjord...a uniquely amazing combination of plateaux, mountain escarpments and 400-metre cliffs carved out at the height of the last Ice Age.

All summer long, Fjord en Kayak offers sea kayaking experiences ranging from half-day outdoor excursions to major 5-day wilderness adventures.