Fjord en Kayak Staff

Our sea kayak guides are fully qualified in first aid and CPR and hold a technical certification from the Quebec Canoe and Kayak Federation. We give 90 hours of training to all new guides.

Senior guides have at least 500 hours of experience on the Saguenay Fjord and 1,000 hours for those who guide up to Tadoussac on the St-Lawrence River. Maximum 6 clients per guide for one-day tour and all long expeditions.

Équipe de Fjord en Kayak
2013 Staff

Louis Dubord

Sylvie Major

Fjord en Kayak owners

Louis Dubord. With 25 years' experience in the tourist industry, Louis is a qualified trainer and instructor for sea kayaking and a variety of other outdoor activities as well. Your safety is his number-one priority. He also holds a degree in business administration. (CQRHT Officially Certified Guide: Commission Québécoise des Ressources Humaines en Tourisme)

Sylvie Major. is the official greeter here at Fjord en Kayak. She’ll make sure your sea kayaking holiday on the Saguenay is truly memorable in every way. She holds a master's degree in communications.

Other guides

Olivier Vaillancourt. Now in his nine year at Fjord en Kayak, Olivier is a one-man ecotourism adventure. With his extensive training in the outdoor program at the Cégep de la Gaspésie and some 3,500 hours of experience in the Saguenay Park, he’s practically on a first-name basis with all the area’s seals, whales, belugas and other marine wildlife.

Simon Nadeau. Sea kayaking and gastronomy are his two passions. He is joining Fjord en Kayak for the fifth season. Simon graduaded from the Outdoor Adventure program from St-Laurent College. He will lead you for great outdoor experiences during 3 hours up to 5 days excursions on the marine park.

David Houde grew up with Fjord en Kayak. For 5 seasons, he has been helping our guests getting ready and caring for the equipment. He's now addicted to our best sport. He has become a sea-kayaking enthusiast. He holds a certificate at the Jonquiere CEGEP and is a native from L'Anse-Saint-Jean. For the third summer, he will guide for the short sea kayaking tours and will tell you stories and legends from our region.

Antoine Provost. Graduaded from the Outdoor Adventure program from St-Laurent College. Antoine will charm you with his presence and his beautiful caring personality. He is guiding short tours and 2 to 3 days expedition for his third year at Fjord en Kayak.

Martin Champ Roux: Hails from the outdoor program at the Cégep de la Gaspésie, Martin, has been an avid kayaker for a long time and he was inspired enough to build his own boat out of Cedar slats. He guides for a first season with Fjord en Kayak.

Émily Sicotte: Émilie joins us for a first season. She graduated in Technique de Milieu Naturel from the CEGEP de St-Félicien. She holds a level 2 from the Fédération québécoise du canot et du kayak and she has navigated in the Bic’s national park on the St-Lawrence river for two years. She now joins us to share her passion for nature and particularly for the one day or less outings.

Malween Callens Andrieux: Malween joins our team to share with you his love of the outdoor and sea kayaking. After completing his studies in Outdoor Adventure program at the Cégep de St-Laurent, Malween was guiding and sea kayaking for three years in Sardinia, Greece and Croatia. He already knows our Fjord and is able to guide you in its discovery for long expeditions or shorter outings.

Jean-François Girard: holds an attestation in Adventure Tourism from the CEGEP St-Laurent. Jean-François has guided on the fjord for a whole summer before leaving for Montreal with his family; he has two children. He holds dear the dream of coming back in the Saguenay region. While waiting for this dream to come though, he will be guiding for Fjord en Kayak during his two weeks vacation. It’s up to you to enjoy his passion and his skills; Jean-François has a true calling, deep in his soul!

Your friendly greeting party

Francis Dubord is studying in sports concentration football in high school. Every day, he will welcome you at Fjord en Kayak to take your reservation or to get you ready for your eco-tour on the Saguenay.

Leika Schnug works at the office. She's in charge of the guest services and the sales on site. She joins Fjord en Kayak for the fourth season. A native from L'Anse-Saint-Jean, she'll be able to inform you about all the services, attractions and activities from the Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean region.

Myriam Savard. Young mother and horticultrice, Myriam gives us a hand at the greeting and registration desk in August. A new comer in the village, she has left Montreal to raise her daughter in L’Anse Saint-Jean away from large centers.

Jocelyne Boies. Jocelyne makes sure that nothing is forgotten concerning the meals when you are gone to a 2 or 5 days expedition. She makes all the muffins, vegetable soup and the raspberries square. What would we do without Jocelyne ? She is a pearl at Fjord en Kayak.

Olivier Vaillancourt
Olivier Vaillancourt

Simon Nadeau

Émily Sicotte

Malween Callens Andrieux